The boat is located in the area where in the old days water was filtered to be drinking water for the Rotterdammers and to fill the watertanks of sea ships. Next to the boat is the old monumental watertower, nowadays people live in the tower and there is a nice restaurant on floor level (De Watertoren) and a bar ( TomTom). At walking distance (2 minutes) there is a small shopping centre with a supermarket, a dispensary and a Portuguese restaurant. Also in the area nearby are Erasmus University, business centre Rivium and Arboretum Trompenburg. There is a nature walking path along the New Meuse. The area is very quiet and green.

The Watertower with the boat

De Esch

Until the 70s, small ships went from this location to the Rotterdam harbour to supply sea ships with drinking water. Around the old industrial buildings a modern residential area was built. However, the 19th century water basins and buildings are still present.

A view on the water from the boat.