The apartment consist of a salon with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

There is plenty of daylight in the salon. The boat has central heating and a cozy woodstove in the centre of the salon. You can have your meal together at the dining table in the open plan kitchen.  A work space is created at the other side of the salon. You have WiFi, cable TV and you can play music and dvd’s. The salon has 2 comfy sofas, which can be turned into 2 double beds in no time.

Boatapartment, kitchen and entrance
Kitchen and entrance
Boatapartment, salon
The salon

The bedroom

You can sleep comfortably in the separate bedroom with double bed in the front of the ship. The waves of the New Meuse will gently cradle you to sleep. The bedroom is separate.

With the 2 sofa beds in the salon you can create 4 extra sleeping places. Towels and bedclothes are present.

Boatapartment, salon with 2 sofabeds
Salon with sofa beds


The kitchen (galley) contains everything you need to cook, various pans, croquery etc. There is coffee and tea and herbs and spices.  In a little oven you can toast bread or warm up a meal.

Boatapartment, the kitchen

 The bathroom

The bathroom has central heating and contains a shower, a wash basin and toilet. There are plenty of towels present.

Boatapartment, the bathroom
Bathroom with shower and toilet