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POnt met kinderen


The Amsterdam IJ ferries brought the Amsterdammers across the harbour IJ. In the early 20th century there were no bridges and tunnels, but many ferries on various spots.

This boat, the IJ ferry VI, was built in 1911. Her length is 33,5 meters and she could transport 425 passengers. In 1949 a diesel engine was built in the old steamship. In 1953, after the great flood disaster in South-Holland/Zeeland, the IJ ferry IV went to the flooded area to help.

The last 30 years the ship was moored in the Rotterdam harbour as a bunkership. Then Eric recognized its potential, he bought the ship and renovated it completely. Eric lives in the back of the ship and the front of the ship was built as an apartment for guests.

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IJveer kleur
Pont met mannen IJveer 2
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